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I remember the first time I saw a salsa performance. The dance was mesmerizing and I decided that becoming a Salsero would be my new goal.

Just getting started took a lot longer than planned but I still haven't regretted a single moment of learning to dance salsa. Why don't you join me and become a salsero / salsera as well?.

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This is where I share my experiences and thoughts on dancing salsa.

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Arabian nights !

I am going to Marrakech ! ! !

So now you are probably sitting there thinking 'Good for you. But... who cares?' and you are entirely right to think so.

However, I have not been this excited in ages!

Not only am I going to a country I have never been to, I am going there for their first international salsa congress and they have a great line up of instructors. Or at least, they have lots of instructors that I like anyway.

Ok, that is it. I will not try to distract you anymore. However, if you happen to be there as well stop by to say "hi"


  1. Khalid said...

    I planned to go but that will not be possible because of work.

    Marrakesh is great. You'll have a good time.

  2. Walter de Rooij said...

    Too bad you won't be able to make it Khalid. Would have been good to have you as a tour guide.

    Maybe next year.

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