Becoming a Salsero

Learning to dance Salsa !

About me

I remember the first time I saw a salsa performance. The dance was mesmerizing and I decided that becoming a Salsero would be my new goal.

Just getting started took a lot longer than planned but I still haven't regretted a single moment of learning to dance salsa. Why don't you join me and become a salsero / salsera as well?.

About this site

This is where I share my experiences and thoughts on dancing salsa.

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The strangest thing

Just the other day I was at a workshop and the strangest thing happened.

We were talking a bit and one of the guys there said 'I really like how you dance'.
I was blown away and didn't know what to say.

Here I am just trying to get through a choreography and apparently I managed to impress somebody. I don't remember the last time I was so proud.

I know I'm far from a great dancer. I'm only just now starting to get over my fears of social dancing. But I guess I'm starting to do something right :-)

Then yesterday one of the girls I regularly dance with asked me to dance to her favourite song which made me feel even better.

It's things like this that happen just at the right time. I felt like I wasn't improving at all lately (although I can now see clear differences between myself and the new beginners) but these 2 things have rekindled my determination to learn to dance!


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